Scout Ship Pyearl

The Pyearl is owned and operated by Crat and Fuzzwit, two Aslan scouts mustered out of the ISS.

The ship uses a 100-ton Lifting Body hull, the scout/courier is intended for exploration, survey, and courier duties, with many in service throughout known space. It mounts drives giving it jump-2 and 2-G acceleration. Installed on its bridge is a computer Model/1bis and attack-range sensors. Detached duty versions have an open lounge where survey sensors would typically go.

There are four staterooms and no low berths. The ship has one hardpoint; installed on the hardpoint is one double turret beam laser. There is one ship’s vehicle: an air/raft. Cargo capacity is 3 tons. The hull has scoops, bins, and a purification plant for wilderness refueling.

The Scout, by its nature, is built as a one-person operation: a single crew person can handle all operations, albeit inefficiently. On the other hand, the Scout can carry three non-commercial passengers in relative comfort, or up to seven with double occupancy.


TL 9
Jump 2
Maneuver 2
Power 2
22tons fuel (1 jump 2 and 4 weeks operation)
Model/1bis computer
Crew 1, Passengers 3
Turret – double beam laser

Scout Ship Pyearl

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