Island Sarchus

The Island Sarchus are the most feared creatures in the Islands, extremely large, carnivorous pouncers.


Physiology & Environment (Ecology)
The Sarchus are big, carnivorous beings. They are superficially lizardlike, warm-blooded, and mass about 200 kilograms. They reproduce sexually and come in two genders, but apart from their primary sexual characteristics, there is no significant difference between males and females.

The Sarchus have two hearts (one arterial, one pulmonary), a short digestive tract, and a highly efficient urinary system.

They have a good sense of smell with a useful directional component, and an infrared sense organ. Centered in the face beneath the eyes, it relays its information to the visual cortex where it is integrated with the visual spectrum data.

They have large sharp, needle-like teeth and functional claws on all four feet.

Their skin is lightly scaled, blue, green, or an intermediate blend/combination pattern with a mottled brownish wiry fur growing out of the scales. Skin color holds no social significance for them, although they do appreciate its lovely aesthetics.

A female Sarchus give birth after a 17 month gestation to well-developed infants able to fully function and eat solid food. The child does not exit through the pelvic girdle, but through an anterior opening in the abdomen.

Psychology & Philosophy (Mindset)
To the Sarchus, Vargr plunder is a walk in the park; Aslan warrior spirit is the babbling of a toothless child. Other races make such a fuss over violence – why not just do it and enjoy it?

Sarchus are trainable as elite shock beasts.

As far as the Sarchus are concerned, they have humans just where they want them. Who wants to be a banker or a metermaid anyway? If the humans want to pretend they’re in charge of the Island systems and the Sarchus within, what does it really hurt, so long as the leave the Sarchus alone?

Who is in charge of whom?


Island Sarchus

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