Droyne are a Major Race inhabiting scattered worlds within an area slightly larger than the region of the current Third Imperium.


Physiology & Environment (Ecology)

The Droyne vary in size depending on caste but generally stand one meter tall although workers and warriors are often much larger and taller than Humans.

The Droyne homeworld is Eskayloyt, also known as Droynia, and is an unknown location. Imperial explorers have been searching for Eskaloyt for centuries upon centuries and the true location of Eskaloyt remain a mystery to this day.

Evolutionary History
The history of their evolution remains a puzzle because their home world is not known with certainty. However, it is theorized that the Droyne are a small race derived from winged omnivore/gatherers although many, perhaps most, Droyne seem to prefer a primarily vegetarian (herbivorous) diet.

While most Droyne prefer a vegetarian diet, Chirpers and many more primitive Droyne seem to have no problem with eating fish, amphibian, insects, birds, or other small animals.

Some Imperial scientist and researchers consider Chirpers to be a subspecies of the droyne, while others consider Chirpers to be atavistic (retrogressed) Droyne. The Imperial scientific community remains divided with these theories.

Droyne or Ancients?
Although the Droyne are well known as a race, and have been the subject of extensive research by academics, it is only recently that a hypothetical relationship between the Ancients and the Droyne has been even partially understood.



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