Aslan Ships

Aslan Ships in the Trojan Reach

Ktiyhui Class Courier
Displacement: 200 dTons
Stock Specs:
Crew: 5
Cargo Capacity: 7 Tons
Subcraft: None
Factory Armament: Double Turret (Missile/Pulser), Double Turret (Missile/Sandcaster)
Other Notes: Features thick Crystaliron Armor for it’s size.
Using a heavily armoured custom 200-ton hull, the courier is a fast, long-range ship used to conduct clan business across interstellar distances. As the courier is often used to carry important dignitaries and nobles, it carries eight tons of luxuries, usually either a harem or a holographic hunting ground. The normal crew consists of a pilot, purser, an engineer and 2 gunners

Aoa’iw Light Trader
Displacement: 300 dTons
Stock Specs:
Crew: 5
Cargo Capacity: 105 Tons
Subcraft: Air/Raft, Launch (20 Tons)
Factory Armament: Double Turret (Laser Beamer x2), Double Turret (Missile/Sandcaster)
Other Notes: None
A popular design inside the Hierate, especially in the Trojan Reach, the little Aoa’iw is a 300-ton trader that combines a sizable cargo bay with space for passengers, enough firepower to serve as a raider or defend itself from piracy and vehicles to support a flexible mission profile. Aoa’iws are often owned by clans, as they can perform a variety of tasks. The normal crew consists of a captain/pilot, navigator, purser, engineer and two gunners (one of whom also is a small craft pilot). Up to 4 passengers can be carried. On the border worlds, the Aoa’iw is nicknamed the ‘pouncer’, as it does resemble a crouching animal from certain angles.

Kteiroa Class Seeker
Displacement: 200 dTons
Stock Specs:
Crew: 2-4
Cargo Capacity: 64 Tons
Subcraft: Mining Drones (30 Tons)
Factory Armament: None
Other Notes: None
A loose equivalent of the popular “Seeker” variant of the Type-S Scout, the Kteiroa is a prospecting vessel adapted to explorations in asteroid belts. The larger volume affords the Kteiroa a generous cargo bay and there are four staterooms and four low berths – more than the crew needs but Kteriroa are also commonly used as transports in isolated systems. They are also popular as merchants in the Trojan Reach, as removing the mining drones leaves the vessel with a very cargo large capacity for it’s size. Many Aslan, however, dislike the vessel as a Trojan Reach Trader due to its lack of armament and, more importantly, lack of armor.

Hraye Class Scout
Displacement: 100 dTons
TL 9
Jump 2
Maneuver 2
Power 2
22tons fuel (1 jump 2 and 4 weeks operation)
Model/1bis computer
Crew 1, Passengers 3
Turret – double beam laser
The ship uses a 100-ton Lifting Body hull, the scout/courier is intended for exploration, survey, and courier duties, with many in service throughout known space. It mounts drives giving it jump-2 and 2-G acceleration. Installed on its bridge is a computer Model/1bis and attack-range sensors. Detached duty versions have an open lounge where survey sensors would typically go. There are four staterooms and no low berths. The ship has one hardpoint; installed on the hardpoint is one double turret beam laser. There is one ship’s vehicle: an air/raft. Cargo capacity is 3 tons. The hull has scoops, bins, and a purification plant for wilderness refueling. The Scout, by its nature, is built as a one-person operation: a single crew person can handle all operations, albeit inefficiently. On the other hand, the Scout can carry three non-commercial passengers in relative comfort, or up to seven with double occupancy.

Aslan Ships

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