The General Development Corporation


Home Port: Vorito (Trojan Reach) or Deneb (Deneb Sector).
Territory: Deneb, Reft, Trojan Reach, The Beyond.
Stock Ownership: Imperial family- 6%, Denebian Noble families- 59%, Hortalez et Cie- 4%, Murdoch Holding LIC- 5%, Other Corporations- 19%, Private Individuals- 7%

GeDeCo, as it is commonly known, is much more than a trading company. It was founded in the Year 700, in the wake of the Civil War, with a mandate to foster trade and development in the wild space along the Reft and Trojan Reach sectors. The company was formed by nobles in Deneb, who purchased several failing shipping lines and combined them into the new business. GeDeCo began by ‘bootstrapping’ backwards and underdeveloped worlds along Reft, selling them progressively more advanced technology in exchange for raw materials.

By the year 800, the standard GeDeCo contract had evolved. Sign the contract and your world will be provided with a Class-C or Class-B Starport, technical knowledge, equipment and training to raise your world’s technology level at a stable and non-disruptive rate and a market for your planet’s raw materials ores, textiles and other low-tech goods. All it costs you is a percentage of those low-tech goods, giving a seat on your ruling body to GeDeCo and obeying various customs such as safe passage for travellers, the Imperial rules of war and so forth. GeDeCo made a moderately good return and brought civilisation to dangerous regions of the galaxy.

The Trojan Reach directorate of GeDeCo is based on Vorito and is largely independent from the main office on Deneb. The company is responsible for building and maintaining starports all over the sector, especially along the Florian Trade Corridor and for sending trade missions out to minor worlds, drawing them into the web of galactic commerce. GeDeCo has been accused of questionable and even unethical policies in the past; the influential Ahroay’if clan has accused GeDeCo of espionage, piracy and anti-Aslan propaganda and now refuses to trade directly with the megacorporation.

In 1098, terrorists attacked and destroyed Vorito Highport. At the same time, assassins killed sixteen GeDeCo executives, including the Governor-General. Short of the Aslan landing marines on Vorito, there could not have been a clearer declaration of war from the Hierate on GeDeCo. Experts on Aslan culture point out that while the use of assassins and bombs are permissible in a war of assassins, it would be dishonourable to do so without first declaring such a war. Therefore, either GeDeCo received such a declaration and ignored it, the Aslan do not consider GeDeCo worthy of respect, or the attackers were not Aslan.

[They might not be the largest corporation in the Imperium, but in the Trojan Reach they might as well be. They’re got their fingers in a lot of pies in the Reach, and not just the starports. Lots of rumors about the Vorito incident and things that’ve happened since then too, there is something going on underneath that shiny, sparkling public image, just no one is what.]


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