The Reft

064-1111 Leaving New Moscow

“Yes, I like wine,” D’irt said cautiously.

“Good,” Tiny responded, “Because we bought some!”

The pilot watched on the monitor overseeing Arag in the cargo hold as he made sure the new containers were loaded into the Sobya. Ave sat on the bridge panel twirling her hair and popping bubble gum.

“You know,” Ave said, “It sure is hard work loading cargo.” She winced as the vargr engineer clumsiliy bashed another cargo container against a bulkhead in the cargo hold.

Tiny jumped up and spoke into a microphone transmitting to the hold: “I should warn you, Engineer, that the cargo is very valuable and damage will come out of your salary.”

D’irt spoke in a puzzled voice, “Tiny…what exactly is in those containers?”

“It’s wine,” the droyne pilot replied.

“Yeah, we bought it,” Ave added, popping her gum nonchalantly. “The GECS are full of them.”

“Oh? What exactly are gex?” asked the admiral.

“Those are GeDeCo Environmetally Controlled Storage units,” she replied. “Very technical. Very expensive. You wouldn’t understand.”

“And how much did you pay?” said D’irt with a discomfortingly low voice.

“1,400,000 credits,” replied Tiny. And then into the mic: “Watch out you stupid vargr! Don’t smash another crate of it. We only have 7 tons!”

D’irt began to get angry.

“…and don’t smash anything into the emergency low berths either, Arag!” continued Tiny. “The Dread Pirate Wiyao is locked up in cold storage, and we have plans for him!”

D’irt grabbed the ElectroPuls E3000 Linear-Torsion Bar and began approaching the little droyne pilot with vengeance in mind.



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