The Reft

063-1111 Early Morning Interrogation

Arag and Shee’Rah dragged the unconscious bodies of Khto and his pirate henchman to the cargo hold of the Sobya and tied them to eye rings on the bulkhead. They began to wake up after Shee’Rah tossed a bucket of cold water on the both of them.

“Welcome to the Sobya Enhanced Interrogation Facility,” the Aslan engineer said with a sneer at the dishonorable Khto.

“Ooohhh!” Tiny got excited and clapped his little talons together. “Are we going to play ‘good dog – bad cat’ here? What’s the plan?”

Arag growled at the little droyne, “I’m never the ‘good dog’, you little parakeet.”

Shee’Rah brought out the crimping pinchtool and began the process of extracting Khto’s dewclaws. She was only thirty seconds into the torture when Khto began wailing like a banshee.

“Shut your mawl, you dishonorable miscreant,” Shee’Rah mumbled. She and Arag began a very amateur procedure for extracting information from the pirates.

“We don’t need an 81-million-credit contract to coach torturers,” Arag bragged. “We’ve got this.”

- – -

An hour later, Arag and Shee’Rah were in engineering comparing notes on what Khto had told them. They were plotting the location of the secret planetoid base on the ship’s computer when Tiny approached.

“Whatcha doing?” the little droyne asked.

“We are finalizing the system coordinates of Wiyao’s base right …. about…now.” A large, stable asteroid appeared on the screen at a location only a couple hour’s flight away.

“Is that it?” Tiny asked.


“So you got everything you need from the two pirates?"


“Okey dokey!”

With that, Tiny pushed the button that cycled the cargo doors. He waved at the two Aslan pirates through the small viewport as the vacuum of space sucked the air out of their lungs.

“Bye-bye, pirates!”



Are there any items in the Aslan ship’s locker that we can loot?

Shee’Ra is interested to see if they have more ammo for her autorifle. Some more grenades would be useful as well.


Ships’s locker contains:

2 Aslan vacc suits TL12
2 Snub pistols
50 rounds of snub ammo
100m bunjee cord
Two magneto suction clamps
OneTL6 survival kit


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