Welcome to The Reft

Undrelyn/Lost Way/Reft Sector/200-1110

While the coreward personalities of the Imperium are rebuilding their Spinward Marches (and the Zhodani are licking their many wounds), you have found yourselves in a place quite a ways out of the way.

The Reft sector is an astrographical oddity. It contains two groups of stars, of relatively standard density, separated by a wide rift. Much of this rift is entirely empty, as the name suggests, but deep within it lie two relatively dense subsectors settled by sublight expeditions that have remained isolated from the rest of Charted Space for most of their history. This suddenly changed when an Imperial ship misjumped into the region and inadvertently passed along their technology. This severely altered the balance of power among the “islands”.

The Islands subsectors offer a route across the rift, cutting weeks of the transit time from Verge to Deneb. There is a lot of money to be made in the Islands, but the hazards are considerable.

You now find yourselves out heading into the Lost Way subsector to a system called Undrelyn, far away from the Islands, on a strange quest that has thrown together a very strange band of travellers.

The Reft

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