The Vargr are a caninoid, intelligent Major Race, with a humanoid body plan, derived from Ancient genetic manipulation of Terran carnivore/chaser stock, apparently dating from approximately the same time that Humaniti was scattered to the stars.


Physiology & Environment (Ecology)
The typical Vargr is about 1.6 meters in height and weigh, on average, 60 kilograms. They are upright bipedal carnivores with their legs, or rear limbs, digitigrade.
Physically, the Vargr are not very impressive, by Human standards.

Vargr Senses
The Vargr senses of smell and sight are superior to those of humans.

Vargr Dexterity
On the average their reactions are slightly faster than those of the typical human, but individuals vary widely.

Vargr Manipulators
Vargr hands are very similar in size and appearance to those of a human, although there are significant internal differences.

Vargr Ergonomics
They have approximately the same physical parameters as humans and are able to use the same equipment without modification or additional instruction.

Vargr Diet & Trophics
The Vargyr are evolved from carnivore/chasers, but have also evolved strong tendencies toward omnivore/scavenger foodstuffs, and, a such, will eat nearly anything they can get their hands on including garbage, livestock, fungus, and carrion (dead animal and plant material).
Vargyr prefer protein-rich meats (Ungulates, fowl, and seafood), complex carbohydrate starches (…such as cereals, bread, pasta, etc.), and simple carbohydrates (…such as sugars) as their primary dietetic foodstuffs. Vargr supplement their diet with fruit and vegetable matter. Food digestion only takes a few hours, thus Vargr can feed several times in one day, making quick use of large quantities of meat or other foods. (translation: they poop a lot)


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