Ship Shares

CHARACTER 10% Ship Shares
Arag 1
Askupryadpirt 1
Ave 6
Huey 0
Shee’ra 1
Ssebtuthi 1

Askupryadpirt and Ssebtuthi were members of the same caste in the system Auitawry.

The venerable grand leader of their caste bequeathed the Sobya to them, a starship with an experimental droyne-craft powerplant-jump drive, and he tasked them to recover a certain “star stone”. The leader had visited Undralyn long ago in his youth and found an ancient site where he had somehow discovered the stone’s existence.

Unfortunately, the old leader died before he could explain exactly where the star stone was, what exactly it does, nor what to do with it when they recover it. Nonetheless, the two sports pressed on with their quest, teaming up with a travelling vargr and an honorable aslan along the way.

During their long journey from the Trojan Reach, the two droyne wound up stranded on Rhylanor with debilitated drives. The experimental power plant and drives failed due to a twist in an antimatter radiator hose.

It was here that they met Huey the Hiver, who introduced them to Ave Von Smeirin-Holt, an ambitious and impulsive noble-woman who was on the run from reality, and she plunged her quite healthy investments into the droyne vessel and the technology needed to repair it.

Again with a fully functioning starship which they own outright, the group agreed to press on on towards the Reft Sector to see if they could find this mysterious artifact.

Ship Shares

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