Ormen Lange


“Ormen Lange”

Once used by homesteaders in the Serendip Belt, the terrorist Captain George (under directions of Great Leader Safron) obtained the ship for smuggling supplies, weapons and explosives to support the cause to overthrow the current government.

Captain D’irt and his team aboard the Sobya scoobied out the plot, chased down the Ormen Lange, and defeated it in starship combat.

Because of their heroism, Captain D’irt’s band of adventurers were decorated for their acts and granted salvage rights to the mining ship.

100-ton Mining Ship


2G Acceleration
No armour
No jump drives
Fuel 24 tons (6 weeks operations)
10 tons mining drones
Cargo 26 tons
2 Staterooms
1 hardpoint with single pulse laser mounted

Retail Value Cr 12,465,500 (this will be adjusted down iaw KBB guidelines)

Ormen Lange

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