Mining Droid

A mining drone (TL11) is a grav floater with a computer system.

Mining drones may be piloted remotely, but usually act on their own in one of many different exploratory or productive mining modes. The drone carries a wide variety of drilling, mining, welding and cutting tools. They may operate as an anti-grav vehicle or scuttle about on its crab-like legs.

Strength 30 (+ 8), Dexterity 9 (+ 1), Hull 4, Structure 4
Intelligence 5 (- 1), Education 6 (+ 0), Social Standing 0 (- 3)
Traits: Armour 4, Integral Systems (grav floater, core sampler, mining and drilling equipment),, Specialized Computer/1 (running Intellect /1 and Expert Geology/2)
Weapons: Tools and Crushing Strength (melee unarmed 3d6 damage)
Price: 100,000 Credits
Weight: 1 ton


Mining Droid

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