The Aslan are a Major Race, of four-limbed, upright, bipedal, carnivore/pouncer, humanoid, and felinoid stock.

- Their name for themselves is the Fteirle.
- The earliest Terran explorers saw in them a vague resemblance to the Terran lion, and they have been described (by Terrans) as lion-like ever since, although there is very little true similarity.
- The derivation of the word Aslan is unknown.


Physiology & Environment (Ecology)
Aslan stand roughly human-sized, averaging 2.0 meters in height and weighing about 100 kg.
The Aslan homeworld is Kuzu (Dark Nebula 1226).

Evolutionary History
They are descended from four-limbed, upright, bipedal carnivore/pouncer stock originally adapted to a solitary arboreal existence.

Aslan Dewclaw
Aslan have a single highly specialized dewclaw under each thumb which folds back jackknife fashion into a horny covering in the base of the thumb and palm.

Sexual Dimorphism
There are two sexes, male and female. The most notable external difference is the increased size and mane of the former. Females outnumber males by 3:1

History & Background (Dossier)
A vast Aslan-dominated empire (the Aslan Hierate) lies to spinward and rimward of the Reavers’ Deep, but Aslan themselves have ranged well beyond its borders, with many Ihatei settling on the independent worlds of the Deep and the Imperium.
Aslan have fought with the Imperium in the Aslan Border Wars.
Please see Ihatei for more information.


Psychology & Philosophy (Mindset)
The Aslan are a warrior race, proud, noble, and devoted to those in authority above them.


The Reft Finious