The Reft

Gloire Pox Immunity?
When I was your age, we had smallpox.

Commander Kateway and Chief Jefferson stood in the medbay of the Sobya. They watched as the hiver Green Hue Medic treated Tiny and Ave for a disease that had been eradicated on Gloire almost a century ago.

“So,” said the commander, “You decided it would be a good idea to bathe in some oozing stagnant goop in an alien subterranean pool?”

“It was more like a bird bath!” responded Tiny. The chief petty officer chuckled at the droyne as he chewed the end of a zigarillo.

“What was your excuse, Ave?”

Ave stared blankly at the jet injector that Huey pressed against her skin. A quiet puff sound indicated that the vaccine had gone into her system. “I dunno,” she said. “Tiñy coladas?”

Ave leaned in close to Huey, “Did you make sure you put a little antibiotic in there? That last Marine was a little sketchy.” The medic’s nod confirmed her request.

Huey turned to Commander Kateway. The hiver wiggled his prime tentacles and the orbs glowed varying hues. A mellow voice issued from the translation device: “I tested the samples that Ave brought back from the planet. This is a weapons grade biological agent.”

Chief Petty Officer Jefferson stopped chewing.

The commander’s brows furrowed. “We never truly understood what the Esperanza fleet was doing to the citizens down there a hundred years ago during the civil war. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if it turns out they were using bio terror tactics with a genetically altered virus.”

Shee’Ra spoke, “Congratulations, Ave. Finally we have reaped something positive from one of your infections.”

“Oh, don’t be such a pessimist, catgirl,” Ave replied. “There is such a great potential for many of my future infections to solve mysteries!”

The aslan had to admit this was a distinct possibility.

“So, what now, Huey?” Tiny asked.

“You can return to duty immediately,” Huey advised the two patients. “Eat and drink normally. Get a good night’s rest. You will probably feel back to normal in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

{ Tiny and Ave will suffer DEX and INT each reduced by 2 points until after 24 hours have passed and after they have gotten a full night’s sleep. }

“Good!” said Commander Kateway. "That means you can deploy planetside immediately. It doesn’t appear that Cayenne has moved forward with his plans yet, but he isn’t going to sit around waiting for us to die of boredom.”

“This rage case of the clap isn’t going to sit around waiting for Cayenne to come get me,” Ave brilliantly announced. “Let’s go visit this nice chap!”



Intelligence decrypted from Saffron’s equipment in Serendip Belt have revealed the existence of a terrorist training camp based in a farm in the northeast region of Gloire. The preliminary intelligence contained in this report is a summary of the known members of Gloire Farm and their background.

It can only be speculated how extensive their network reaches beyond the Serendip Belt and Gloire.


Cayenne is the leader of the farm. Not much is known about him other than Serendip investigators lost track of him once Saffron was eliminated from terrorist activities.


Ariel Durst is Cayenne’s girlfriend.


Douglas Heinzlaw was incarcerated at an institution for the violent and criminally insane


Jay Goulash is an ex-cop, crooked and schizophrenic. After several episodes of violent behavior towards perps, he was heavily medicated by department psychiatrists and assigned duties as a weapons instructor on Michael. He disappeared several years ago.


Ida Wurst The only records found of anyone with this name are of a woman from Esperanza who was a prostitute who murdered a client in self defense and served a short prison sentence.


Mark Devine is a drifter and a part-time animal handler in the Islands subsections.


Helen Drury is a biologist originally from Elysee. Supported socialist movements at uni.


Sgt Micklin is a former mechanic from New Colchis army cavalry. Had a good service record with little known about him.

Off the Grid
Gloire / New Islands (Reft Sector 1123) 040-1111

Commander Jan Kateway looked over the new intelligence report that arrived from Serendip Belt via xboat. She frowned. Bad news. She looked over at her senior enlisted advisor, Chief Petty Officer Jack Jefferson.

“Have you looked at this?” she asked him.

“Nope. That’s above my paygrade.” But his knowing eyes told her that he had seen the report and was concerned. He had told his comms NCO earlier to beam the report to D’irt and the crew of the Sobya.

“Admiral D’irt and his crew are in deep shit,” she iterated. “Get them some backup. You know what to do.”

“Aye aye, Commander,” he snapped a respectful salute.

- -

Planetside, Tiny was playing grab-ass with D’irt. They had recently discovered a wrecked civil war ship on the surface of Gloire.

“Would you fucking knock it off already!” D’irt said. He was way beyond losing patience with Tiny.

Tiny had grabbed a very long loose end of the fraying sling attached to D’irt’s weapon. He yanked it for the fifth time and giggled mercilessly.

D’irt had his head buried under the cabinet doors in the galley looking for the source of the clear dripping water going to the deck. He reached back with a hind leg to kick, but missed Tiny.

“You little fuckwit. I am going to take your personal hygiene kit and shove it somewhere where you’ve needed it for a long long time.”

Tiny danced comfortably away from the captain.

Ave smiled at them and then turned to Shee’ra. “Hey, what’s the deal with you and dragging out the dead pilot? You think he’s gonna go zombie on us?”

The chief engineer growled. “You think you’re funny. Perhaps we should have left you back in shanty town with three tons of prosthodongs. The barfly with the yellow hoodie looked like he knew what to do.”

“Woah there tiger!” Ave said, “I was just kidding around with you!”

Shee’rah relaxed. "All right then. Let us have you use that smart little head of yours and figure out what is happening here. Why would a 200-ton assault ship like this be armed with water cannons? Civil unrest? Criminy, the 400,000 citizens here are as meek as Efate bollubemmings. "

“Did you hear that noise?” Tiny suddenly said, suddenly going still.

“Yeah, it sounds like you’re about to get flocked by the admiralty,” D’irt said.

Tiny ignored him. The aslan’s ears perked up.

Something else besides them was moving somewhere IN or ON the ship, and it wasn’t the crew of the Sobya.

Ave said, “Fuck. It’s that zombie, isn’t it?”

- -

“Just take the grav tank down to the northeast continent,” Jefferson said with impatience.

“Back off, petty officer. I need to perform my preventive maintenance checks and services first,” quipped Lieutenant Ham condescendingly.

“Make sure you check the ballast fluctuation module, Sir,” smirked the senior petty officer. “That is one of a thousand critical items on your ship that must operate properly for you to successfully launch from here and land safely on the surface.”

The lieutenant shut his mouth and hopped into the grav tank.

Hours later, Commander Kateway turned to Chief Petty Officer Jefferson and asked, “How was Ham today?”

“A perfect gentleman as always, Ma’am,” he replied.

The commander was unsure, “Will he make it to D’irt’s crew in time?”

“Doesn’t matter much, Ma’am,” said Jefferson, “The admiral told me that they’re bringing a fusion gun.”

Quick notes
(before I forget)

Waiting 12 days for a buyer of the illegal cybernetic goods.

Payment of passengers and their freight.

Acquired a mining droid.

Adventure into Gloire. Black bugs biting on a long boat right with Marvin in the rain.

Arrive at Kappy’s farm. Attacked by searches in the night. Found a hand drawn note.

Find a wrecked civil war ship in the woods. Top secret mission. Possible salvage of power plant, launch, and 3 AFVs.

1 Vacc suit and 2 slug pistols in the ship’s locker.

Need to talk to CDR Gateway.

How to put the Cat back in the Bag
...or the turtle back into the shell


Pilot Tiny focused his psi ability on Special Agent Don Lustig, sending an unsolicited feeling of straining bowels during a challenging interview. Lustig shifted in his chair uncomfortably for just a brief second, suddenly losing a little bit of his confidence at the thought of poop eeking out of his tight sphincter.

Shee’Ra had quickly grown impatient of this interview. On the quick flight from C-Jammer to 432, she had noticed that the Star Stone had given a boost to the powerplant and the maneuver drives. It was quite possible that they had exceeded 2G acceleration during the voyage, but she didn’t want to alarm the captain and pilot by asking their acceleration speed. However, since they survived without anything exploding, she was eager to get back into the Sobya and try again.

Shee’Ra let out a long sigh, which stuck in her throat and accidentally came out as a soft growl.

“Do I look like a shaved monkey to you … Shaved Monkey?” she asked. "Do any of us look like shaved monkeys?

“Not even our hairy monkey is a shaved monkey. We are part of an interspecies delegation acting at the highest levels. Higher than your levels. More important than some internal affairs on a backwater planet in a backwater system. No damage was done. But damage will be done to the Imperial reputation if we are not allowed to continue in our mission undisturbed by bureaucratic pettiness.”

Colonel Sussman spoke, “Agent Lustig, your report provided by Lieutenant Commander Rayn…was it endorsed by Captain Kitamura? That is her commander.”

Tiny intensified his telepathic transmission to Lustig – sharing the feeling of a turtle head just about to pop out of its shell. The agent began to sweat around the collar a little. “Errrr….this inquiry was submitted by Rayn independently.”

“Well then, I highly suggest you check with the Captain, Rayn’s commanding officer, to verify whether these accusations have any merit whatsoever. You don’t want to besmirch the solid reputation of the Imperium as it attempts to gain a foothold in these waters. I hold Captain Kitamura in the highest regard, and she is one of the finest officers in the Imperial Navy. Perhaps we should reschedule a follow-on interview for a later date…if it is necessary.”

“Right!” declared Special Agent Don Lustig. “This interview is terminated!”

With that, he jumped up and ran out the door towards the lavatory.

“You lot certainly have a way of making things interesting wherever you show up,” Lori smiled at crew of the Sobya. “I am grateful for what you have done here and the mess you cleaned up on my asteroid. You know that the files we recovered from the maintenance tunnels implicated Lieutenant Governor Greg Fortune? He is in custody now at the C-Jammer, and we can go back to farming and making clean water here on Asteroid 432 in relative peace and quiet.”

Pilot Tiny quietly pooped a little bit onto his chair and said, “We are always very prepared to do things!”

“Yes, you certainly are,” she replied. “You probably need to get back to the C-Jammer soonest. You’ll want your beauty sleep before tomorrow’s award ceremony. I’ll see you there.”

The crew boarded the Sobya, and Shee’Ra eagerly went down to engineering for the short flight.


1. With two successful rolls (one from Tiny as pilot and one from Shee’Ra as engineer, include your bonuses if you have any), you might gain some useful technological knowledge of how the Star Stone is affecting engineering.
2. Huey the Medic listed an advertisement on the local Serendip Trader Board looking for passengers and cargo to Gloire. I’ll provide you a list of transit seekers later.
3. Huey also listed an advertisement for sale of the “Ormen Lange” 100-ton mining ship at a sale price of Cr 12,465,500 OBO. (choose one of your crew to be the negotiator for any offers)
4. Do you want to attempt to purchase any goods on the C-Jammer that you resell on Gloire? If so, have your trader (Ave at LVL0?) make a 2D6 roll. Remember that your 4 Island Sarchus are taking up one ton of cargo space each.


Interview on Serendip 432

Special Agent Don Lustig of Imperial Navy Internal Affairs was sitting at the conference table in Colonel Lori Sussman’s office. He looked over the list of offenses in front of him with a dour frown on his face. He was not pleased.

The door opened, and Colonel Sussman walked into the room. Following her was the crew of the Sobya: Captain D’irt, Pilot Tiny, Beaker, Shee’rah, and Ave.

“Please have a seat,” the agent gestured at the chairs on the opposite side of the table. Colonel Sussman nodded at Captain D’irt. The crew took their seats, and the colonel remained standing and leaned comfortably against her desk, arms crossed in protected mode. The agent stared at them silently one by one.

Agent Lustig stopped his eyes on Ave and spoke, “You all recently arrived in system, did you not?”

“Sure did,” Ave bragged demurely, “And we came in with a bang. Maybe you want me to show you a bang after our awards ceremony tomorrow.”

“I thought so,” replied the agent coolly. “It seems you might have left some unfinished Imperial business back on R’Bak. Perhaps you don’t recall your string of felonies committed around an interdicted planet.”

Ave blinked. “I don’t know nuthin bout no felonies. You probably want to talk to the captain.” She pointed at D’irt.

D’irt’s seat was barely high enough for him to peer over the edge of the table. He mumbled a response, only his eyes visible to the agent.

“Oh?” said Agent Lustig, “What’s that you’re saying? Captain?”

D’irt heightened himself so he could address Lustig.

“I said,” with an impatient tone, “You can call me Admiral D’irt. Because you are mister….ahhhhh….what is your rank, Lustig? Oh nevermind. You special agent types never advertise your rank because you’re all a bunch of deck swabbing sissies who couldn’t tell the difference between a particle accelerator and a J-drive.”

Pilot Tiny looked around uncomfortably. He felt a poop coming on. Colonel Sussman saw the corner of his eyes begin to water.

The agent remained calm. “I can see that you have a bit of a haughty temper on you…um…Admiral.” He smirked. “Perhaps you would like to explain this report I have here from Lieutenant Commander Rayn at R’Bak monitoring station.” He held it up to the light so everyone could see it, but not quite read the words.

“Let me first state that breaking & entering an Imperial security station is the least of your felony offenses,” he smiled wryly at each of them one by one.

“But let me talk to you about larceny: fragmentation grenades, flash-bang grenades, a gauss rifle and…oh look here!…” his eyebrows raised a bit, “a fusion gun!”

Everyone immediately turned and looked at Beaker.

“Ra! Ra! Ra!” exclaimed the beaked monkey.

Ave fidgeted with a sudden urge to dance.

Shee’rah flicked out a dew claw as if to say she was bored of this banter.

Tiny squinted his eyes to hold back what might be a rectal explosion.

The agent frowned. “So you all think this is some sort of circus act?”

Tiny opened his eyes suddenly, “You know…an intergalactic circus would be a great way to rejuvenate the morale of Imperial citizens after the war – plus a good investment. Someone should try that out.”

Colonel Sussman ticked her head to the side and took note. Shee’rah scratched the table top with her claw.

D’irt used his psi skills to delve what Colonel Sussman was thinking. Once past all the murky thoughts of D&C and garrison mothballs, he could see that Lori wasn’t amused by Lustig’s charades. Quite frankly, she thought to herself, this fucker is way out of his jurisdiction and I could probably jettison him out the dorsal airlock with none the wiser.

Swinging his gaze towards D’irt the agent accosted the Droyne, "So you voluntarily flew a civilian ship planetside on a Red Zone world? "

D’irt scratched his chin nonchalantly, “You got a problem with that, buddy?”

“Yes, I do, little Droyne,” exclaimed the agent with sudden over confidence, “Especially when you delivered your human female Ave to copulate with the indigenous tribal leader and then kidnap one of his daughters!”

Captain D’irt looked at Shee’rah who was obviously bored out of her mind.

The Aslan looked up and focused on the Droyne, and then slowly turned her head to stare at Special Agent Lustig.


News in Serendip

“Hey, whatcha doin’ there?” asked Charly.

Shee’rah toiled quietly on with her task in engineering.

Charly sat and stared at her for a while.

“Are you gonna arc weld that?”

Shee’rah didn’t respond. She continued assembling the small structures between the power plant and the maneuver drive. Thick cables hung between various floating islands of equipment that sizzled with heavy power.

Charly opened her mouth to speak again, but Shee’rah raised a finger indicating silence.

The Aslan chief engineer clamped together two pieces of heavy metal that looked like giant Legos. She then nodded at Charly.

Charly focused her pyrokinetic powers on the two pieces of metal. Within a minute, the two pieces glowed hot and fused together atomically.

Shee’rah smiled with silent satisfaction and hung the new piece of equipment amid rear deck and began assembling the heavy cabling. She carefully leveled every piece and measured every cable.

The Star Stone began to glow with a cool blue light when it was placed in the tray between all the engines.

When Shee’rah cycled the power plant, the stone dropped a hue in shade. When the maneuver drew power, the stone glowed a light red and hummed softly. When the jump drive was powered up, the stone quickly turned an anguish-shade of orange and began vibrating unpredictably.

“Fooey!” declared the tall female Aslan for the fourth time in an hour.

“It’s not working?” asked Charly.

“No,” said Shee’rah. “I’m afraid we probably need a heavier metal that can be manufactured from a higher tech level than this Serendip Belt."

:crkkkhhhccch shhhhhKKHccht:

”Oh!” exclaimed Charly with sudden wisdom. “That tis the RAY dee OH.”

She grinned a big Cheshire grin of clever knowledge. “They’re gonna say something impotent.”

Shee’rah chuckled quietly at Charly’s word choice.

“ATTENTION CITIZENS OF THE SERENDIP BELT. We want to announce that a major terrorist threat was defeated yesterday. The Crew of the Sobya tracked down subversive agents intending to destroy the habitations across our beloved asteroids in this home system. The Homesteads are again free of fear, and the C-Jammer stands strong!

“In other news, Admiral Sanchez has returned with his fleet from counter-espionage decoy duty. Serendip forces have formed Task Force Tiger Lily and began a series of maneuvers and gunnery near Michael. Several citizens who complained that their windows were shattered by sonic booms have been detained for Psychiatric Readjustment."

Charlie and Shee’rah unconsciously let the radio chatter fade off into the background as they continued their tasks in engineering.

:chhhhHKt: “Calling Sobya. This is Colonel Lori Sussman again, requesting your presence immediately.”

“Dammit,” said Shee’rah. “This is going to delay our work here, Charly.”

The Aslan left engineering for her quarters to suit up for the launch to 432. She sighed as she heard the squabbling coming from the Droynes’ stateroom. “Not again…”


Intrigue in the Serendip Belt
Serendip Belt / New Islands (Reft Sector 1323)

Beaker promptly shat out the Star Stone and put it on the dashboard of the Sobya’s bridge.


D’irt and Tiny looked at each other wondering what the hell the little monkey was talking about.

“Disk?” asked Tiny.

“Shits?” asked D’irt.

“I’m sure that whatever this Star Stone is, it can be used in the jump drive to propel us into further territories in another dimension,” stated Shee’rah cunningly.

“I like dicks,” Ave said.

Huey the Medic asked the little beaked monkey, “What kind of dicks do you mean, little funky monkey?”

“Ra!” said the primate. “RA! RA! RA!”

Ave began dancing along with the rhythm of Beaker’s chanting. She had once been a cheerleader. It came naturally. The others were not amused.

“Well, that’s just a weird fucking monkey, and I have no use for it,” said Shee’rah. “We need to move forward on salvaging the mining craft. With some help from Dogface, I have repaired the drives and other damages. We could probably give it a boost to 3G performance with a hardware upgrade at minimal cost.

“Also,” continued Shee’rah, “I could shove the Star Stone into the jump drive of the Sobya and see what happens.”

Ave suddenly spouted: “Holy shit! Who gives a golly darn about all that? We just flew into this system less than two days ago, busted up a subversive political group, shot down an enemy ship, solved the mystery of Extreme Terrorism and saved the whole darned asteroid belt from annihilation!”

:crkkkhhhccch shhhhhKKHccht:
“What the heck is that?” Ave said with a puzzled look.
“It is radio. The sound you hear is squelch,” replied Shee’rah with disdain.
“What the hell is a radio? I’m from a TL15 system where we are civilized and use reliable digital communications.”

:chhhhHKt: “Calling Sobya. This is Colonel Lori Sussman.”

The crew all looked at each other. Tiny brightly hopped to the transmitter and answered.

“Hello, Colonel. We are very prepared to do things!”

“Very nice, Pilot Tiny. I need to tell you a couple important things. First, the Governor of the Serendip Belt wants to award you all with a decoration tomorrow aboard the top deck of the C-Jammer. Second, the motion for you to salvage the mining ship has been finalized. It’s yours. Third, you have permission to take ownership of the Island Sarchus (lord knows why you want those vile beasts). ”

“Also,” Sussman pauses, “There is a man here to meet you at 432, and he has some questions. If you have time to take a break from your work there at C-Jammer, please zip over here for a face-to-face chat.”

You all ponder this curious news.

Things to think about:
1. Finalize flipping the mining ship.
2. Decide on the fate of the Island Sarchus from Gloire.
3. The Sobya is repaired and annual overhaul is complete. Want to make any upgrades?
4. Do you want to purchase any goods? You have 30 tons of cargo space.
5. Look for any passengers? You have 5 staterooms available.
6. The eerily expansive darkness of The Reft coaxes you…where will you go next?
7. Awards? Oooooh….shiny medals!

Beaker rubs his butt with some discomfort. He will think twice about the next indigestible object he swallows.


This simplifies things!

They’re on our right, they’re on our left, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us; they can’t get away from us this time!

On our way to the asteroids...

Ave sat in the commons room at the specifically natural-looking thick wooden table with her cards held close to her more then ample chest. Her eyes expertly scanned her two opponents across the way. Charlie, the 12 year-old-girl from a savage tech level 2 world was concentrating hard on the cards in her dirty and grease-stained hands as the third player, the beaker monkey, was slowly chewing his as he looked longingly at the ceiling light.

“Well, Pirate Princess McElroy? Are you going to fold or do you want to raise me 2 pretzel sticks?” asked Ave.

“Hmmmmmm-Mmmmmmmm, Go Fish!” replied the little girl with a smile.

“No, Charlie. Go Fish is an infantine game. We’re not playing that now. Now we’re playing No-Limit Stellar Hold ‘em, the Premier of poker games, or as ’Skinny Shins’ Scarman called it the last true game of the gentleman gambler. Now, we have showing a Duce on the river, a suicide King in the bend and a 4 of hearts skidding out by the Fifth. If you have a 6 or higher you can come away clean, but a 3 to 9 split means you have….” here Ave pauses and her eyes un-focus for two seconds, her hand unconsciously rubs her expensive looking bracelet.

“A 27.65742009 percent chance of making the Flush. What do you do?” She finished.

Charlie looked away, specifically ignoring Ave.


Charlie looked away in the other direction, specifically ignoring Ave.

“I’m sorry…. Pirate Princess McElroy, what do you do?”

“I’m now Molly! Call me Molly!” said Charlie.

Ave thumped her head hard onto the table. She was regaled to play with the two most immature and gullible crew members of the Sobya due to the fact that all the other crew and passengers accused her of cheating. They could never prove such character besmirchements, but they knew Ave was cheating… somehow.

Just then Beaker Monkey’s prehensile tail lifted into sight with Ave’s 400 credit slipper in tow. He nuzzled it lovingly and then jumped from his seat to run towards Ssebuthi’s quarters.

HEY!” Ave shouted at the receding back of the frankenstienian Ornithological-Primate, “That is NOT a Fusion Gun!”

R'Bak Recap
R'Bak / Sagittarian (Reft Sector 1314)

Lieutenant Commander Rayn Mirano was sitting on the bridge writing a list. She was reading out loud:
- Breaking and entering an Imperial monitoring station
- Larceny of fragmentation grenades, 12 each
- Larceny of flash bang grenades, 12 each
- Larceny of gauss rifle, 1 each
- Violating Imperial code by illegally entering interdicted zone
- Illegally landing an interstellar ship on the surface of an interdicted world
- Copulating with a restricted…

“Oh shut up already, Rayn,” snapped Captain Yuriko Kitamura.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” said Mirano, “But that boozed-up TROLLOP took my personal gauss rifle.”

The captain rolled her eyes.

“That was my favorite gun!

“And those little bug-eyed parakeets were flying around our beautiful station. They left droppings EVERYWHERE,” Mirano’s voice was rising. “Do you know that…that….that the furry one coughed up hairballs on the couch in the lounge?”

The captain wondered if the Aslan had also shit on Mirano’s bed. At the thought, a small smile teased the corner of her mouth.

“With the destruction wreaked by that radiation monster," the captain chided Mirano, "we should all consider ourselves lucky to be alive and grateful for the responsiveness of the Sobya crew. And let me point out that it was YOU offering a favor to Graham to host his research specimen to our station. The last time I checked, it is not in our mission to offer sleepovers to old college buddies and let them bring uncontrolled, highly toxic species onto our vessel. This is a law enforcement and monitoring outpost.”

Tense silence filled the control room.

Technician Westcott showed up and snapped a sharp salute, “Good morning, Ma’am! Preventive maintenance checks and services are complete. The station is ready to manoeuver to the asteroid belt.”

“Very good, Westcott,” acknowledged the captain.

“Do you want me to fly the ship, Ma’am?"

“Thank you, no, Westcott.”

“But I’m a very good pilot!”

“Westcott, someone once told me that you were kicked out of flight school for smashing a subsidized merchant into a starship hangar.”

“That was due to a technical failure of the dorsal triumvirate jib, Ma’am.”

“Starships don’t have jibs, Westcott.”

“The jib was missing!”

“Westcott,” the captain eyed him. “My brother was the Commandant of that flight school. He told me the collateral damage from you wrecking the ship resulted in a fire that destroyed five hangars, fifteen ground vehicles and the officer’s club.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I’ll get back to swabbing the deck!”

“Very good,” the captain pointed towards the door. “I think you missed a piece of the chief engineer over there.”

A communication screen buzzed and Rayn answered it and spoke with the caller for half a moment.

“It’s Duncan, Ma’am. He says someone stole his fusion gun.”


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