Aslan Pirate

UPP 899756

Melee Infighting-2
Melee Blade-1
Vacc Suit-1
Zero G-1
Gun Combat Pistols-1
Gun Combat Rifles-1


Wi’yaoreiyhkowo is a dishonourable Aslan pirate who slew Shee’ra’s father in a duel, when she was aged 13, ruining her family’s prosperity.

Shee’ra convinced Yae’auuiahao to allow her to join him in order to extract revenge. They tracked him down where he was raiding Imperial shipping in the Trojan Reach. They became pirates themselves in an attempt to find their enemy and get close enough to him so that Yae’auuiahao could duel with him to restore honour to the family. They spent 15 years working as pirates in Tobia sub sector. Eventually they managed to track Wi’yaoreiyhkowo down to barren system 971-852 and Yae’auuiahao issued him with a duel.

Unfortunately, like his father, Yae’auuiahao lost the duel. And like his father, Yae’auuiahao was slain. Shee’ra was forced to flee as she realized that, such was Wi’yaoreiyhkowo’s disregard for Aslan honour that she too would be slain, despite her being a female. Her over-riding ambition is still to see the demise of Wi’yaoreiyhkowo at all costs.


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