Araghzangou "Arag"

Female Vargr Engineer


UPP: 8A97B2

Bio: Like many Vargr, Arag has had a chequered career. Fairly insular, she was lucky to get the opportunity to join a large Corsair Group, who ranged far and wide, including towards the Spinward Marches. A series of poor decisions by their Leader resulted in major casualties however, and when she supported the wrong faction for a new Pack Leader it was best that she left.

She jumped to a Company which conversely did Security and Customs Work: in fact enforcing the Laws of smaller worlds against the likes of Corsairs. She did a good job but did not feel appreciated.

Not sure what to do she took a series of odd jobs, slowly working her way back towards the Imperial Coreā€¦.

Homeworld: Zoraruzi: in Sudzum (Meshan2936) – A000743-D As Na Cp

Race: Vargr (female)

Racial Traits

Teeth & Claws: can melee for either 1d6 or 1d6+1
Senses: + 1 Recon or Survival using Taste/ Smell; in darkness – 1 eyesight tests
Speed Bursts: May double their movement speed a number of times equal to 3 + END DM in any combat. However, each time they do this it counts as one melee attack for the purposes of fatigue

Languages: Gvekh……2, Galanglic…..0


Level 0: Stealth, Recon

Level 1: Gun Cbt (Slug Pistols), Gun Cbt (Slug Rifles), Vacc Suit, Zero G, Computers, Pilot (Spacecraft)

Level 2: Melee Cbt (Infighting), Engr (M Drive), Engr (J Drive)


Equipment WT Notes
Hand Computer 0.5 Interface/0, Security/1, Translator/1, Intelligent Interface/1,Intrusion/1, Expert Systems (Mechanic, J Drive, M Drive)
Starship Engineers Tools 12 see wiki
HUD (TL: 15) - Holographic, +2 with slaved weapon, Spare Toughened HUD Sight
Audio Filters - +4 END vs. sonics checks
Armour WT Notes
Khennour 11 DR 15; : Integral Therrlakh, Retractable Blades, HUD System, Sealant Sheath, Medikit, Personalised, Eye Protection, Mag Grapples, Environment Reader, Audio Filters
Cloth & Negdhazuk x 4 1.5 DR 5; bracers all have retractable blades
ADD Improved Flak Vest x 2 2 + DR 3 over Cloth
Kungedz-Verz x 2 4.5 DR 5: bracers all have retractable blades

Arag has travelled extensively through Human space, and has pretty much adopted local clothing conventions. If serious trouble is expected she will supplement her cloth armour with a Flak Vest.

She retains a couple of sets of Vargr Armour, and on occasion it will be of more benefit to wear these if dealing with eg. Corsair types.

She takes extreme care of her precious Combat Armour, and will wear this as a Vacc Suit in any situation where trouble is possible. Her ‘ship vacc suit’ is confined to routine maintenance.

Infighting - +3 1d6+1 - - 0 -1 - - - -
Retractable Blades 0.5 +3 2d6 - - 0 -1 - - - -
Therrlakh 0.5 +1 1d6+4 - - 0 -1 - - - -
4mm Gauss Pistol 0.5 +4 3d6 AP 3 -2 40 -1 0 0 -2 -4 -
9mm Ukszou 0.5 +4 3d6-3 -1 16 -1 0 0 -2 -4 -
6mm Lt. ACR 3.5 +4 3d6 AP1 0 100 -3 -1 0 0 0 -2

Gauss Pistol: 40 shots, Auto 4, AP 3, Gyrostabilised, Toughened HUD Sight, Secure Weapon (60 clips)
Ukszou: 16 shots, Gyrostabilised, Toughened HUD Sight (40 clips)
ACR: 100 shots, AP 1, Auto 6, Gyrostabilised, RAM Launcher, Toughened HUD Sight (40 clips)


Araghzangou "Arag"

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