Sleazy P. Martini

Money-making hustler


Pray that you don’t run into this guy when trading interstellar goods.



While fleeing Rhylanor on possible drug charges, Sleazy ends up misjumping his stolen scout ship in the Reft Sector and crashing on one of the Island worlds, where a great herd of carnivorous pouncers had been frozen inside a cavern. Sleazy stumbles into the cavern and, upon removing his fur coat to reveal a shiny suit that reflects the sun’s rays, he inadvertently frees them by melting the ice in which they’re imprisoned. The beasts were prepared to kill him when his sirenic singing voice convinces them to ally with him due to a prophecy about the excellence of whoever would free them from the ice. (The decision to join Sleazy was easier thanks to Sleazy giving them an interstellar version of crack cocaine, for which they developed an instant affinity.) He teaches the beasts to become his pets and brings them to civilization where Sleazy created a documentary, a syndicated television show and a movie called “It’s Sleazy”.

Sleazy P. Martini made his debut by bringing out the beasts into an arena and offering cash and prizes to human contestants who could beat any of his beasts in hand-to-hand combat.

Sleazy P. Martini

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