UPP A68663
Streetwise-2, Persuade-1, Deception-1, Stealth-1, Gun Combat (slug pistol)-2, Leadership-1, Pilot-2
Autopistol (3d6-3), Cloth Armour (5)

Khto is a dishonorable Aslan who has been associated with the pirate Wi’ya for more than two decades. He has served as both an intelligence officer and a hatchet man for him. He helped embezzle funds from both Shee’ra’s father and her older brother, which helped finance many of Wi’ya’s ventures.

Khto has not been serving Wi’ya for the past year, but only because he is searching for more financial opportunities for the two of them.

Last he saw Wi’ya was in the Borderlands, but they intend to meet back at XXX as soon as Khto is done in the Reft.



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