Radiation Monster


Hits 58/29
Intelligence 1 (cunning)
Move 20
Chitinous Skin (DR 9)
Teeth (2d6+2)
Tail grapple claw 2d6+2 and throw (1d6 and d6 fall damage, save vs. phys trait)

Radiation from core Diraconium-137 (1 point damage within 5 feet)
Flame Power (1D on all attacks)
Regeneration (1 point per round)
Invulnerable to Lasers (crazy reflex skin)

Edged weapons do double damage

Can retreat from combat as a major action

Always wins initiative, never surprised (init 18)

Secretes an ooze that can randomly cause others to slip into prone position unless they save vs. Dexterity.



Ghak’rr’rr is the last surviving member of a long forgotten race that once lived on one of the lost Reft systems millennia ago. She is semi-intelligent and cunning and when on her home world she survived daily on a carnivorous diet. The Ancients came to her planet and experimented with the creatures there. They cybernetically implanted appendages into her body and gave her a radioactive power source made of Diraconium-137 as part of their experiments. She went into hibernation many years after their departure. During that time, her power source developed a leak which makes her dangerously radioactive.

Thousands of years later, Barrett Graham, a leading Zoologist from the Ley Sector, discovered a lost system in the Reft (the location of which remains lost with Barrett’s death) and recovered Ghak’rr’rr. He is returning to his home world of Permia with the specimen. He has high hopes that this may be a possible Ancient, and he has foolishly spent a lot of time trying to revive the creature. He thinks that his efforts did not work, but once the crew of the station went to sleep, things happened.

Ghak’rr’rr awoke and found herself in a totally strange environment and became somewhat enraged.

She smashed her way out of Cargo Bay 1. Two crewmen came to investigate. Ghak’rr’rr immediately smashed one against the bulkhead, causing the hangar bay doors to cycle and the second crew member to be unceremoniously ejected into space.

She then moved through the lounge, slaying crew members and station visitors alike before heading down the Zero-G spinal shaft and maing her way to other levels of the station.



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