The Reft

Widow Ave

Ave was hysterical with grief and inconsolable when she saw the X-Boat message that Admiral Von Smeirin-Holt had died.

She began sniffling at first, then a quiet low growl began deep in her throat that soon grew into a groaning, and then a shrill howler monkey like noise.

“Oh my Ghod, I can’t believe my dear little Admiral is gone!” The tears spilled from her eyes and ran down her cheeks, the heavy black mascara smeared into rings around her eyes.

“What will I do? He was my everything?” She glanced down at her icomm to make sure the vidrec was capturing everything.

“You look like one of those furry four-legged bandits from Terra,” Tiny pointed out.

Ave shrieked and threw a nearby kroffee mug at the droyne and howled at him, “How can you be so insensitive to me during this horrible time of loss?! He was my EVERYTHING!!!”

Ave stopped crying briefly in order to press the XBOAT TRANSMIT button. This sent her personal request to the attorneys in Rhylanor for a digital copy of the holographic last will and testament from her dead husband.

As soon as the XMIT CONFIRM button flashed, Ave picked up her horrendous bawling again right where she left off.


Is this thing still on?



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