The Reft

a Public Service Announcement

Gloire Pox and You

My name is Ave Von Smeirin-Holt, and I’ve got Gloire Pox.

You may think to yourself " How did this beautiful woman and three time winner of the Imperial Navy Turret Gunnery Championship contract a disease that was thought to be eradicated many years ago?"

I’ll tell you. Gloire Pox does not discriminate between race, culture or economic standing. Why, I myself hail from the highest social strata in all of the Rhylanor Sector, but because I was uninformed about Gloire Pox, I became susceptible to this disease by a very common method…Peer Pressure.

Yes, when my crewmate, who has less shares in the starship we travel in then I do, started to drink from an old, un-maintained water fountain in the center of a death-maze I first said " Hey, that looks like fun." But I knew better and stayed away from the necrotic green sludge filled basin.

But then my frolicking subordinate (really, they are all my subordinates because I own sooooo many ship shares) started saying things like
“Come on in, it smells like an anagathic.”
“All the cool kids are wallowing in slime. You want to be cool don’t you?”
“If you really loved me you’d put it in your mouth.”

I didn’t have the willpower to resist.

Now look at me. Listen kids, it’s not ‘Cool’ to succumb to Peer Pressure and if your Droyne really loved you he wouldn’t force you to do things that you don’t want to do. Most importantly real anagathics come from a black market distributor called Pimp4Mo for 25,000 Creds a pop.

Don’t be stupid.
Don’t catch Gloire Pox.



a Public Service Announcement

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