The Reft

062-1111 Firefight at New Moscow

New Moscow / Tobia (3119 Trojan Reach)

Beaker Monkey was so excited about out-gunning Ave during the first several volleys of the ambush against the pirates that he jumped up in the air and screeched. At that very instant, enemy lasers burned into the casemate protecting the monkey gunner. A box of Bonomos Banana Turkish Taffy flew through the interior of the turret, instantly melting in the heat, spraying every surface with sticky yellow goop.

“RA RA RA!” Beaker screamed and jumped back into the gunner’s seat, re-engaging the pirates.

A mixture of laser beams and yellow plasma slammed into the hull of a 10-ton fighter and sent it careening off into the asteroid belt.

“Dammit, Beaker!” Ave shouted across the comms link. “That fighter was mine!”


Meanwhile, aboard the Odysseus, the commander was already drunk and high as a kite. He was piloting the mercenary cruiser dangerously close to the other ships of the alliance.

“Dammit human!” Crat and Fuzzwit broadcast across the airwaves. “We’re vulnerable enough in this little tin can without your big ass barreling over us!”

Pierre wasn’t listening. He was too busy issuing order after order to his gunners to fire missiles at the heavily armoured Ktiyhui Class Courier, despite them having absolutely no effect upon the ship.

Yet the tide of battle turned to the advantage of Shee’Rah. Most pirate ships lost their courage and fled the battle as their armour and hulls were ripped apart, retreating to their base on a remote planetoid.

The alliance members focused their firepower on the Nishemani Corsair, disabling its maneuver drives and rending its fuel tanks. The hull and structure were swiss cheese.

Lieutenant Commander Nevean stood upon the bridge of the Sobya next to Tiny, D’irt and Shee’Rah. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

As Ave armed herself to board the pirate flagship, she called Arag on the comms link, “Hey! Dog! You’d better get up here and clean this baked banana crème pie out of Beaker’s turret. ASAP!”




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