The Reft

039-1111 Recap

Tiny piloted the launch down to the surface of Gloire with with D’irt, Shee’ra, Ave and Beaker as passengers. They landed on the northeast continent near Crispy Lake about a mile from Cayenne’s farm. They then disembarked in the Esperanza Armoured Fighting Vehicle across land until they approached the farm.


They paused at a distance so the droyne could scan the area psionically for life forms. They discovered that there were a couple dozen perps in the area, some of them in an underground bunker.

Tiny pulled up to a fork in the dirt road where they discovered a recessed Fixed Weapon Emplacement. Ave emptied a hundred rounds of 12mm gauss cannon ammunition into it, destroying the pop-up fortification.

The gunfire alerted a pair of “farmers” who unwisely hopped into an All-Terrain Armoured Vehicle (basically a lightly armoured 4-wheel buggy). The peaceful farmers immediately went head-to-head with the AFV, mercilessly blasting their autocannon at our heroes. The rounds bounced harmlessly off the front armour slope of the eight-wheel tank, and Ave quickly destroyed their vehicle. She then heartlessly mowed down the helpless farmers as they attempted to flee on foot, while the droyne nonchalantly watched.

Tiny carefully drove the AFV up to the farm, destroying several more buggies along the way while Shee’ra took strategic shots with her Yeheal autorifle through the firing ports. They encountered a heavily armoured FEW that began melting away the hull on their tank with a powerful Plasma A Gun. Tiny parked the AFV behind a disabled ATAV while Ave crippled the 5-meter tall platform.

Ave then proceeded to blast hundreds and hundreds of rounds of gauss ammunition into the farm house, tearing down walls and slaughtering the people inside. Several retreated into the basement underneath.

They then dismounted and began clearing the root cellar, systematically slaughtering all hostiles in a diverse manner and NOT targeting any specific minorities first. Although it did seem as if Shee’ra gleaned some sort of specific enjoyment out of killing the lesbians armed with machine pistols, using her dewclaw to deliver the coup de gras.

Behind a false wall, they found the psionic Cayenne who assaulted the hapless beaker monkey, draining his physical energy to build a personal shield, but the team was able to quickly dispatch him with little effort. More mysteriously, a strange BLACK DROYNE escaped down a tunnel and fled in a strange spaceship.

Back in the bunker, they killed off the rest of Cayenne’s henchmen and uncovered a plot to breed sarchus as terrorist pets as well as a lab with a weapons grade Gloire Pox production lab.

They returned to their ship in orbit and debriefed Commander Kateway and CPO Jefferson. In fact, Ave gave a very heroic first-person account of how they saved The Island subsector from certain DOOM.




The Cirque des Sirkas kicked off with huge headlines at Old Station Rhylanor as the greatest show in the Third Imperium. 001-1111

Famous author Patrick Cofield has published a new intergalactic bestseller: “How to Make Escargot from Your Garden Snails”. 264-1110

Admiral Von Smeirin-Holt has died. The holograph of his last will and testament will be available to family and beneficiaries through partners Vaughn, Pincher and Stiletto on Rhylanor. 365-1110

The Aslan pirate called Wi’yaoreiyhkowo has escaped from a month-long asteroid belt standoff in the Tech-World system (The Borderland / Trojan Reach 2624). Imperial vessels have put a 1MCr bounty on his head. 299-1110

The Duke Regent in Mora has ratified an agreement negotiated by Admiral Count Santanocheev which forges an alliance between the Sword Worlds and the Imperium. 288-1110

The merchant flagship Rose Star was today lost with all hands in the Abalesk system. The 15,000 ton ship owned by Odin Shipping & Dock Yards was carrying more than a hundred personnel from the surface when it exploded violently when hit by an enormous solar flare. 002-1111

Trillion Credit Divorce. Vicki Packham, more popularly known as Slosh of the Yeasty Girls, is divorcing long-time husband Dave Packham, a hugely rich retired sports star and now part owner of Schunamann und Sohn AG. 011-1111

Choose Geschichtkreis Sternschiffbau AG for all your shipbuilding needs. “GSbAG Built Is Best Built" Partnered with Gott ver Damt of of the Gushemege Sector, GSbAG is a full service shipyard specializing in the design, building and support of complex interstellar combatants for the Imperium. No other builder compares to GSbAG!




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